5 things not to do with a photographic camera in hand

olimpiadi degli errori

Having a photographic camera in hand is actually a responsibility although it is often forgotten. Handling a photographic camera requires following specific rules and precautions, which surely are already present in professionals’ DNA, but not expected for passionate amateurs. In the course of time I observed many people keeping a photographic camera in hand and certified bad behaviors and habits, more dangerous than we thought, summarizing in 5 common wrong actions:

  1. Holding incorrectly the photographic camera

For security and to avoid blurry photographs, the correct handle of the photographic camera always involves both hands, both for reflex, analog or digital, and compact cameras. Right hand is on the handle with the index on the shutter-release button; left hand’s palm sustains the camera body and its fingers handle the lens.

  1. Blowing directly on the lens to remove dust

Doing so, you risk of damping the lens and let impurities deposit on it. Therefore it is best practice to arm yourself with a common and clean glasses towel and pass it on the lens with circular motion, outward from the center. If you can’t help blowing, don’t ever do it directly against the lens, although from the side!

  1. Underestimating the exposition to heat sources or leaving the photographic camera unattended

Every photographic camera has got glues and gaskets inside, both susceptible to heat. A photographic camera, left to heat, could deform itself in an imperceptible, but permanent, way and get small light chinks.

  1. Using improperly the flash

As basic setting, I suggest to unable flash and activate it only in case of foreground subject to lighten. For example, a daytime portrait against the light. Flash is never used, instead, in landscape photography or if we have in front of us reflective surfaces, like glass walls.

  1. Point the lens to the sun

Pointing the photographic camera against the sun, high in the sky, risks of burning the sensor and damaging the eye. If you have ever tried to concentrate a ray of light with a hand lens, you already know that it is possible to create a combustion in few seconds!

Has it ever happen to you to incur one of these wrong behaviors or do you have some others to add to this list? As usual, we wait for you in the comments!

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