Silhouette | Holidays: if you don’t take a picture it never happened (part I)

Holidays began and after the swimsuit proof one is dealing with the photography proof. Smartphones dominate daily, but on holiday difficultly one is giving up to take pictures with the camera: if you don’t take a picture (better if with a camera) it never happened!

Thinking about the shots I prefer making on holiday, I decided to write a post in three parts dedicated to three different topics with easy technical advises that surely will come you in handy.

The first is the silhouette, that is the image with only the backlit contours and the outline of a subject. For the silhouette, the first point to consider is the light source’s position: the subject is backlit, that is between the light and the camera. Customarily, the light source is hidden behind the subject so the rays of light don’t enter directly into the lens compromising the image quality. The best moment to shoot silhouettes is at the sunset or when the sun is so much down on the horizon.Silhouette al tramonto, Formentera

The subject has to be easily recognizable: for example, for a close-up silhouette is better for the subject to pose in profile otherwise the details are less and the result would be a dark circle. In case there are many elements in silhouette (for example, the outline of a person and a tree) it is better to do not superimpose them, but to keep shapes well defined.
Silhouette al tramonto, Migjorn,Formentera

To take the correct exposure for a silhouette, point to the brightest light source, even against the sun itself. From this moment, no more taking care of exposure meter, think about the framing. If the result is too much overexposed or underexposed, apply the necessary corrections.
Silhouette al tramonto, Roma

Ultimately, for a silhouette:

  • Do not ever use the flash
  • Close the diaphragm in order to have a wide depth of field
  • Try to play with possible materials’ trasparencies (for example, a glass wall or a leaf)
  • Consider possible elements that can be the frame for our composition

 Do your own silhouettes’experiments and if you want link here below your images so we can comment them together!

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