Rome. One, one hundred, one thousand. Plus three advices from me

If you don’t know No Borders Magazine  yet you have absolutely to remedy. The best way is to choose a destination, to print one of their small guides and to leave. In the case you’re chosen destination is Rome , well and good because the photographs of the No Borders Magazine guide are mine! Independently from the path you follow, Rome continuously amazes, on condition that you are curious and brave. As follows, I publish a story through images to tell the experience for No Borders Magazine around Rome and I suggest you:

  1. To inform previously and to pay serious attention to signs: not always it is possible to take photographs freely. For example, without a previous authorization you can’t use the tripod in Saint Stephen in the Round and take photographs inside the Historical Museum of the Liberation.
    Santo Stefano Rotondo
  2. To plan long explorative visits in green places of the capital. Rome is the city of breath-taking parks and villas to explore with a photographic camera in your hand without time limits.
    Villa SciarraAppia Antica
  3. If you have a good wide-angle lens, take photographs to historical buildings on narrow streets and sneak in courtyards of the historic city centre (one for all, the courtyard of Palazzo Spada)!

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