My landscape photographs in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Drawing on Lonely Planet’s publication (that you can find here), in which there are various landscape photographic reportages, it has been drafted the classification of 15 most beautiful places in the world that worth a visit once in our lifetime at least. Set aside the bitterness of having visited only two of them, I was extremely happy for the presence in the list of the Plitvice Lakes National Park  in Croatia, that I visited in summer 2010. Lago, Parco Nazionale dei Laghi di Plitvice, CroaziaAn enormous park of 33.000 hectares, Heritage of Humanity, an enchanting place populated by various animal species and composed by thick woods, flows, spectacular waterfalls and 16 lakes of important dimensions. The majority of the park’s exploration is by foot, but the entrance ticket includes the use of two lines: one steamboat, to cross the biggest lakes, and a tourist locomotive, that I took exhausted, in the end of the itinerary, to go back to the parking!

At snail pace in order to not miss every detail, both visual and sound, and armed with my old Nikon D80, I realized many shoots, about which, on the spur of the moment, I wasn’t so much sure. I explain you why. The park is so majestic such as protected. For security reasons, it is possible to visit the park only following the main paths and for a photographer this is enough discouraging. Then if you also add the presence of a huge stream of people, discouraging begins depressing. I didn’t want to have beautiful views interrupted by continuous processions of tourists. But where is a will, there is a way and, fortunately, it didn’t happen what I worried. I displayed the park as if it was unpopulated, exalting its quiet atmosphere and fairy colours of sparkling green and turquoise. As follows, I show you some photographs taken during that wonderful day. What do you think about them? Plitvice vista dall'alto Fiume, Parco Nazionale dei Laghi di Plitvice, Croazia Has somebody ever been in Plitvice National Park? Which memory do you have of it?

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