It climbs trees, but isn’t a gorilla. What is it?

I start by saying that I usually am very skeptical about photographic equipment and, especially, those that indiscriminately adapt themselves to professional cameras, digital and smart phones. However, as for every rule, I found the exception in a gift, so much appreciated. It is Gorillapod , term born from the contraction of gorilla and tripod.

The original one, which I’ve got, is made by Joby, but there are many others on the market. Gorillapod has various dimensions, able to bear different weights, such as video cameras and external flash. Its head is made of stainless steel; its legs are composed of small spheres, covered with a rubber disk, that turn one into the other imitating our joints movements. The biggest Gorillapod models are made for DSLR cameras, those with interchangeable lens, and can bear a maximum weight of 105 or 176 oz.

Gorillapod is lighter than a common tripod and, as a consequence, more portable. For these features, it is adapted especially for nature excursions also because it provides framings from particular points of view, often possible only if you bring a staircase with you! With patience and careful, it can be placed and attached on every kind of surface. The unique aspect of which you should care about is the weight of zoom too long. In this case, Gorillapod’s head could make a clearance, but respecting the maximum weights is enough to be calm. In my opinion, it is the perfect gift for the photography amateur and professional.

gorillapod 2Have you ever tried Gorillapod? What do you think about it?

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