How to join photographs in one panoramic view

Panoramic view, Ischia
Joining various shoots in one panoramic is simple, but not taken for granted. It is possible to do through Photoshop and Image Composite Editor, a free software that you can download here. First of all, it occurs to have the photographs ready and created according to specific guidelines, about which I talked here. Then, with Photoshop:

  1. Open Photoshop and click File –Automate –Photomerge Once the Photomerge’s window is open, leaving the Automatic Layout box checked, click on Browse, select the images and click Open.
  1. Confirm with Ok and Photoshop will visualize the panoramic quickly, according to the images’dimensions and the power of your computer. The panoramic will appear like this and be composed of levels, as many as the number of the uploaded images. Every image shows a portion of the panoramic.
  2. Add together all of the levels in one image, clicking Layer – Flatten Image and, then, cutting the image. At this point, you can proceed to post product the image as everyone else and save it.Photoshop merge photo panoramica
    Photoshop merge photo panoramica crop

Otherwise, with Image Composite Editor:

  1. Open Image Composite Editor and drag and drop the images in the higher part of the window.
  2. In a few seconds, the software will visualize the panoramic.
  3. You can choose the methods with which the software joins the images (but I always suggest the automatic mode), how to cut the panoramic and in which formats and dimensions save the final image. Click Export to disk and decide where to save it.

Image Composite Editor

Between the two options, especially for what concerns the image quality, I strongly suggest you to use Photoshop, if you have the chance. And you, have you tried it? If yes, I’m at disposal for information or comments!

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