First post of the umpteenth photography blog: mine

panorama Formentera copertina HERO

Being a freelance professional photographer often means working alone. For me it has never been a problem! As time passes, however, I realized how interesting and useful sharing opinions and experiences about photography, my job and passion, was, with collegues, friends, clients and passionates. It goes without saying that, when I started to design my personal web site, I decided to dedicate a section to the blog to talk about my photography, to tell stories through images, to give space to all of my interests and to exchange views with the others about different topics of discussion: from my photographic projects to my culinary experiments; from the news to the tricks of the trade on the set; from the reviews of exhibitions, events, workshops and photographic equipment to the works of other experts that inspire me every day.

Who am I? I describe myself as it follows:

Maths (ehm apprenticeship) will never be my vocation” (from an Italian famous song). That’s what I sing under the shower not just because I am Roman, but because I love photography to the point that I chose it as a lifestyle. Ex tertiary worker. I turn my back on a good job contract because I couldn’t downgrade photography to a spare time hobby. I charm and talk to animals like Saint Francis, for many people I’m the reincarnation of Mc Gyver and in the kitchen I manage like Ratatouille. I proceed with one thing at a time because, dear me!, I have little memory, but if I forget, I fix it with huge smiles! LINKEDIN


Actually, I don’t do everything alone, but concerning creative design, organization, web content and social media management Valeria helps me and she defines herself in this way:

Contemporary art historian for vocation; curator and coordinator of cultural events and museum educator for experience; digital pr for nature. I study, plan, promote and discuss creativity, arts and culture. I adore making innovative associations of ideas and professionalisms for various projects and writing. I learned to take notes when I was 11 years old and I never stopped. It’s impossible to make a list of all my Achilles’ heels. The latest noticed: I never wash salad alone at home. I know you’re nodding in front of the display! LINKEDIN


And what about you? Who are you? What is your passion? About what you would like to read and discuss regarding photography? Recommend me some topics below in the comments!

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