I am a Google Maps Business View Trusted Photographer

It has been a very busy period of work (good for me!) and I couldn’t update the blog as I wanted. My fault!
In the meantime, I got the Google Maps Business View full certification and thought a post about this topic would be useful for those who ask me for more details about it.

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Google Maps Business View is a photographic service dedicated to all commercial activities and consists in the realization of a 360 degree virtual tour through panoramic photographs and a still life photoshooting for the “points of interest” (products, menu, shop window, logo…) of the shop. Obviously the virtual tour is usable from every device, mobile too, and uses the same technology of Street View, already well known and tested.
Needless to say, Google Maps Business View optimizes the indexing of your commercial activity in the first page of Google Search results through the specific window that appears on the right, in which the section “See inside” is added and permits to explore the interior spaces of the shop. Google Maps Business View is sharable on all Google applications (Google+, Google My Business, Google Maps, Street View), web sites and social networks.

Which are the real benefits of Google Maps Business View?

  • it holds the interest of old customers that can finally share their experience, lived in your shop, in an easier, faster and more realistic way; that means sharing the virtual tour in order to suggest your commercial activity to other people;
  • it captures the attention of new customers which can interact with your shop 24/24 hours, 7/7 days, and choose it;
  • the full property of the whole photographic material to freely share or use for your own advertising or promotional campaigns.


Why choosing a Google Maps Business View Trusted Photographer?
There is a big difference between a Trusted Photographer and a Trusted Agency, about which in a few talk. In the first case, Google Maps certifies the professional photographer in person; in the second case, it is the agency that receives the certification and one can’t take for granted that the photographer they send is a real one. In fact, it is not necessary that the operator they send you is a professional photographer. As you already may have guessed, the difference will not be evident in the virtual tour, that responds to specific standards, but in the still life shooting that will remain property of the owner.

So it is desirable to choose the Trusted Photographer for:

  • the quality and the guarantee of Google, the most used search engine in the world;
  • the tested and certified professional knowledge and expertise;
  • the suitability of required professional equipment;
  • speed, precision and capability of management in every Google Maps Business View phase of work (shooting, post production, editing and publishing).

Below, there are the links of some Google Maps Business View I created.

Enjoy your exploration and let me know what you think about it!

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