Colour, colour… Colormunki

In former times, it happened many times to me to work on images and notice strong changes of chromatic yield on different displays. This happens because every display has its own calibration that changes because of the brand and the age of the device. For these reasons, in my opinion it’s necessary for a professional to have got an efficient tool to regulate his own displays.
Color Munki Display xRite per taratura monitor e display. Montato e pronto all'uso


It’s been a while since now I used Colormunki Display by X-rite and I really recommend it. It is a tool that is composed of a principal element with the measurement optic, an arm with the ambient light diffuser and a USB cable with a counter weight that permits to hang it on the display. The model Colormunki Display is for diplays’ and projectors’ calibration; to regulate printers you need Colormunki Photo, the specific model.

Generally the installation of the software is fast and easy, but in rare cases, it happened to me, the installation can stop. I found out that the reason was the presence of traces of the antivirus McAfee installed automatically. If this happens to you, you have to find the remove file McAfee (mcpr.exe) on internet and execute it.
Color Munki Display xRite per taratura monitor e display. Mentre si tara il monitor del computer

Since when I regularly use Colormunki Display I reduced to the minimum the possible chromatic gaps for any type of presentation. The price/quality relationship, considering the fact that it could be a tool for life, is good enough.
Color Munki Display xRite per taratura monitor e display. Scatola e accessoriHave you tried it? What do you think about it?

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