Birdwatching: more than just a chance to take nature photographs

Cingno reale in allarme firma

I’m fond of outdoor walking and nature excursions, great occasions for me to take nature photographs. When a dear friend of mine proposed to me a birdwatching sunny Saturday, I accepted with so much enthusiasm. With a huge delay, at 9 am o’clock circa, we arrived in one of the oasis managed by Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (LIPU) ( – Italian League for Bird Protection, the one in Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber. I had never been at Mediterranean Habitat Center Ostia and practiced birdwatching with an expert. LIPU oasis and reserves are open every day of the year, 24 hours a day, for members and Saturdays for no members too.

Mediterranean Habitat Center Ostia is an environmental reconstruction of a coastal pond with aquatic vegetation in which circa 200 birds species pass during the year. Once arrived, we hiked over the path that leads to the three big wood cabins, inside which it is possible to remain and observe birds through the long horizontal loopholes. The third cabin is the most popular because it is hidden by a grove of reeds, so birds notice it less and come mainly closer. Because of the huge crowding, we stayed a little in the third cabin and more in the second one. Here the majority of sightings took place: seagulls, swans, white heron, cormorants, ducks, coot, nutcracker, whinchat…

stiaccino sul ramo firma

I must admit that visiting a LIPU oasis was more than just a chance to take nature photographs: it was an uncommon experience that I strongly recommend, also just out of curiosity. You will have the chance of improving your observation ability and patience, rediscovering the value of silence and, if you will be lucky enough to go with an expert, learning a lot at every sighting. In order to undertake nature photography, a 250 mm (or more) zoom lens is a must have! If you had similar experiences or have additional advices, just write them here below!

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